Products and services

Our customers are phone and broadband providers who use our products to deliver services to their residential and business customers over our copper and fibre networks.


For residential users, we offer phone and broadband services over copper and fibre. We deliver the installation smarts so providers can provide media and communications services seamlessly to their customers over our network.

Online TV, high definition movies, gaming, shopping, smart home appliances - we are more connected than ever before and the internet's role in our lives will continue to rapidly evolve. As we do more online we need better broadband speed to ensure that every member of the household is getting a great experience.

Place a fibre order with a broadband service provider and they'll place an order with us so we can organise a suitable time to come and connect your home to the new fibre network.

Our market-leading copper-based broadband service offers a real-time channel dedicated for phone at the same time as a second channel to deliver a best-effort broadband service.

Our fast VDSL broadband service delivers broadband at faster speeds than standard ADSL2+ and is targeted at high-end residential users and small businesses who have high data needs.

We also offer providers voice-only services over our network and their own branded broadband services over our lines.


We offer businesses phone and broadband services over copper and fibre. We deliver the installation smarts so providers can provide media and communications services seamlessly to their customers over our network.

For medium businesses or branch offices who use business-grade applications such as phone, Citrix and Virtual Private Networks, we offer broadband over fibre delivering up to 100Mbps of dedicated downstream and upstream bandwidth.

For corporate customers, schools and medical centres, we offer our top-of-the-line service which allows providers to meet their high performance demands. Our wide range of bandwidth options includes a new top access speed of 10Gbps of dedicated downstream and upstream bandwidth with transparent networks, ideal for supporting complex business-grade applications.

Corporate and larger users need high-speed, real-time applications or multiple services over a single access point. We offer products over copper and fibre that allow providers to extend their network reach or build their own business-grade private network product.

For high value businesses, we offer a basic direct fibre access service, commonly known as ‘dark fibre’, which connects them to providers' equipment in the exchange. It's designed as a basic, entry-level service and has no equipment to limit data transfer speeds across fibre.

We also offer a bandwith fibre access service, commonly known as ‘grey fibre’, which connects them with providers' equipment in the local exchange. This service includes a choice of data transfer speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps and a backhaul service to extend this service to distant areas.


We offer providers a service to connect with high value customers without having to install equipment in their nearest exchange. This service can be used to extend our fibre access connection to providers' equipment in another exchange or connect two exchanges within the same area.

We have fibre connections between providers' equipment in the distribution cabinet and the associated local exchange which allows them to serve customers hosted off distribution cabinets, giving them complete control over the service offering from development to delivery.


We provide commercial access to our exchanges, poles and other infrastructure. Providers and other network operators are able to place their equipment in our exchanges.

Providers can use our Exchange Space service and install their equipment in an exchange to build a network to deliver services to their customers from a single location.

At an exchange, our Jumpering Service connects the end of a fibre access service to another fibre access service of the same type or a backhaul service.

We own the infrastructure that goes from a providers' customer’s property to the local exchange which allows providers to deliver their own copper-based services to customers who are connected to the exchange via our copper network.

We also allow providers to extend their reach beyond customers connected to the local exchange, to customers served from a distribution cabinet. Providers can install their own equipment in one of our local roadside distribution cabinets and have complete control of their service offering from development to delivery.

Our commercial offering lets providers make the most of their network by combining the above two services. This lets them use our copper transmission between the local exchange and related distribution cabinet so they can connect their equipment to their customers. This means they can extend the reach of their services based on equipment installed at the exchange and continue to deliver these to their customers connected to the distribution cabinet.

Other services 

We also offer providers our Co-innovation Labs which provide specialist development and testing facilities. As network technology evolves, we’re here to help them develop new products that make the new fibre network. These allow them to configure and test their new services and equipment in a secure environment.

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