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Casita Miro, Waiheke Island

Before getting fibre, owners Barnett Bond and Cat Vosper’s business was being stymied by their slow internet. The Eftpos machine would go down when restaurant customers were trying to pay, leaving queues at the till.

The accounting, booking and vineyard management systems are all in the cloud, so slow, unreliable, internet was stopping staff doing their jobs.

Almost worse, Mr Bond had to endure a long commute into Auckland Hospital every time he had to look at a patient file - despite the district health board having a secure encrypted internet system designed so doctors could work remotely. It just did not work from Waiheke. That all changed earlier this year, when Casita Miro got fibre. Mr Bond says:

“It’s made a world of difference. From the first day, speeds were incredible and we didn’t have any more problems with reliability” 

He can do a lot of his hospital work from home, reviewing big patient files, including scans and x-rays.

“My laptop in my office at home might as well be my computer at my desk in the hospital. I can be processing patient files at the same time everything else is going on.” Fibre also means the restaurant business now runs smoothly.

“Fibre broadband means we can have staff members in the office doing accounts or taking restaurant bookings, we can have the chef in the kitchen making orders on the internet, and we can have customers in the restaurant accessing the internet via Wi-Fi.”

Casita Miro