Published 12 Oct 2017 | Published by

The Electra Group, Levin

In addition to being a lines company, Levin-based Electra Group group is the country's biggest meter-reading company, the second largest installer of mobile telephone networks and a growing player in the security alarm and aged care monitoring and response business, via its company Securely.

CEO Neil Simmonds says it was difficult to run as one company when there were communication barriers. The company had constant challenges trying to make decisions because its telecommunications systems were not up to having easy conversations on a day-to-day basis.

That all changed when the company connected to fibre.

Now video and web conferencing are a normal part of running the business, and the ability for staff across the business to access information and communicate with each other has increased dramatically.

"Fibre has been fantastic. Having fibre has helped us leapfrog ahead from where Electra was just three years ago. It's like we've been able to suddenly skip two generations and bring in the latest technology.

"It's cheaper, it's faster, it’s better, it’s more resilient, and it opens opportunities going forward. There’s no down side."