Published 01 Apr 2020

Chorus ready to support students in households without broadband

To support the education needs of students as New Zealand works through the Covid-19 epidemic, Chorus has offered to provide internet service providers with a free wholesale broadband service to support up to 50,000 homes currently without connectivity.

Chorus will waive the normal monthly wholesale charges for these new broadband services to Chorus’ internet service providers for six months.

A broadband connection would be made available to student households that the Ministry of Education identifies as needing broadband to be installed for educational purposes and where Chorus has intact infrastructure.

Chorus Chief Customer Officer Ed Hyde said Chorus has been working hard since the COVID-19 lockdown was announced to come up with a way to ensure students are able to access broadband at home.

There is no question that access to better broadband makes a significant difference to the lives New Zealanders, particularly in a time like this.

“So I am excited to be able to confirm that the Chorus network can be used to provide access to essential tools for learning to students in homes that do not currently have a broadband connection.

“Chorus is ready to support the Ministry of Education and the Government in whatever capacity is needed.”

Under the support that can be provided, Chorus would provide the broadband access on the best intact broadband infrastructure in place – fibre if already installed, VDSL if no fibre is installed, and ADSL if VDSL is not available.

Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, Chorus expects the majority of the intact broadband connections to be provided over the VDSL/ADSL copper broadband network.

Chorus will work with internet service providers to provide the broadband connections (or services) to the Ministry of Education for their students as quickly as possible to enable students to progress their learning once term two commences.

“As a wholesale provider, Chorus can’t deliver the whole solution. We’re now looking to the internet service providers who package up our products for consumers to also support the Ministry of Education, with both financial and operational support.

“Delivering these connections to students in a matter of weeks will present a huge operational challenge for the industry but we know how important this is so we will be working hard to get this done.”




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