Published 04 Mar 2021

Chorus reports second highest ever network peak

Chorus reports the combination of Alert Level 3 in Auckland, online live streaming of cricket and a patch update for the popular Call-of-Duty game saw traffic on its network surge to 3.10Tbps last night. This is 18 percent higher than usual and the second highest peak on the Chorus network (it reached 3.15Tbps during the August 2020 lockdown).

Kurt Rodgers, Chorus’ network strategy manager, says this is an example of our ever burgeoning levels of data consumption and the need for Kiwis to ensure they’re on broadband that’s fit for purpose.

“Working, learning and entertaining at home drives lots more data usage, and obviously that has spiked as Auckland is in Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country in Level 2. On top of that, we have popular games updates and more streaming of live sports,” he says.

“The file sizes of some of the game updates are huge. For example, a recent Call-of-Duty update was about 30GB. While this takes less than 10 minutes to download on a gigabit fibre plan those waiting on wireless technologies could be hours away from joining the fray.

“Kiwis need to ensure their broadband can support their ever growing demands for data but also support our modern lifestyles where we can’t afford to wait hours for file downloads be they for work or entertainment. 

“I remember back in 2016 when 100GB per month became the new norm, and now we are very close to hitting five times that on fibre. Whether its Zoom-ing, TikTok-ing, gaming or watching the cricket, we’re all online, all at the same time more and more these days,” says Mr Rodgers.



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