Suppliers to Chorus

Supplier Information

You will need to create a separate account for Chorus New Zealand Limited (Chorus) in your system.

Information that might be useful to create this account is:

Name of business:  Chorus New Zealand Limited
Key Contact Person:  Mark Larsen
Business Phone Number:  0800 600 100
Physical Address:  L10, Aon Centre, 1 Willis Street, Wellington
GST Number: 107-341-919
Trading Bank: Westpac, Lambton Quay branch
Accountant:  Chorus Chief Financial Officer
Solicitor:   Chorus General Counsel and Company Secretary

Your invoices will need to be addressed to Chorus correctly to meet our IRD requirements. Chorus won’t be able to pay incorrectly addressed invoices, and they will be returned to you.

Please address your invoices to Chorus as:

Chorus New Zealand Limited
Chorus Accounts Payable
P O Box 632

You can also email correctly addressed invoices to: 

Where Chorus raises a new Purchase Order for supply of Products to Chorus, the Purchase Order will be on Chorus’ Supplier Terms of Purchase unless the Products are supplied under a separate signed agreement between Chorus (or another Chorus company) and the Supplier.  Chorus (or the relevant Chorus companies) are only bound by the Supplier’s terms in respect of any Products if such Chorus company has accepted in writing that those terms apply to the Products described in the applicable Purchase Order. (Note the capitalised terms have the meanings in Chorus’ Purchase Orders and the Chorus’ Supplier Terms of Purchase.) Chorus’ Supplier Terms of Purchase can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Supplier terms of purchase

This document contains the Supplier terms of purchase for those companies that are supplying Chorus.

Supplier Code of Practice

The Chorus Supplier Code of Practice establishes standards to ensure that working conditions at Chorus and its supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.