Our Board and management are committed to ensuring our people act ethically, with integrity and in accordance with our policies and values.

Our Board

Key documents

The board regularly reviews and assesses Chorus' governance structures and processes to identify opportunities for enhancements and to ensure they reflect Chorus' operation and culture.

Board committees

Our Board has three standing Board Committees (each with a Board approved Charter and Chair). These Committees assist the Board by focusing on specific responsibilities in greater detail than is possible for the Board as a whole.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Assists the Board in ensuring oversight of all matters relating to risk management, financial management and controls, and the financial accounting, audit and reporting of Chorus. Members:

  • Mark Cross (Chair)
  • Jack Matthews
  • Kate Jorgensen
People, Performance and Culture Committee

Assists the Board in overseeing people policies and strategies including remuneration frameworks. Members:

  • Murray Jordan (Chair)
  • Miriam Dean
  • Sue Bailey
Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee

Assists the Board in promoting and overseeing continuous improvement of good corporate governance. Members:

  • Patrick Strange (Chair)
  • Kate Jorgensen
  • Mark Cross
Regulatory Sub-Committee

Assists the Board in overseeing Chorus’ regulatory strategies and meeting Director certification obligations required by Chorus' regulators from time to time. Members include all directors on the Board. The Sub-Committee Chair is the Chair of the Board.

Supply chain review

In April 2019, Chorus’ Board and management committed to a wide range of actions aimed at creating consistently fair conditions, in line with employment laws, for all workers in the Chorus supply chain. This followed the findings and recommendations of an independent review.