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Chorus is listed under the ticker CNU on the NZX Main Board in New Zealand and the ASX in Australia.


FY22 full-year financial results

FY22 full-year financial results 10am Monday 22 August 2022

Next Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Wednesday 26 October

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Neon Natives

This bright mural completes the round of murals commissioned in Napier in 2021/22.Between Covid restrictions, weather and the artist moving to Wel...
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Jungle View

Jungle View is in Rockwood Avenue and was created through our partnership with the council's Graffiti Team.Jenna says, "Is a celebration of nature...
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Swings, by Jeremy Sauzier: "Simply depicting the freedom you feel as a child on a swing".This is on our cabinet in Inwoods Road, Burwood, and is o...
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