Ewen Powell has more than 20 years experience in managing the technology, services and partnerships that operate a national communications network and support a high performing organisation.

Ewen Powell

Chief Technology Officer

Ewen is responsible for delivering the technology and systems Chorus needs to achieve its business objectives and operate as a standalone entity.

Ewen provides stewardship for Chorus’ network assets and the systems to manage and support these.  His unique understanding of ICT trends ensure Chorus makes the right technology choices and helps its customers make a seamless move to a fibre world.

From 1999 Ewen worked at Telecom where he was at the forefront of technology changes, from initial consultations with mobile network suppliers, building the CDMA network and, more recently, driving the technology changes to deliver efficiencies in customer transactions and achieve Chorus’ operational separation requirements.

Ewen grew up in the Bay of Islands. He has a young family, and enjoys running, swimming, and the occasional spot of golf.