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Contracts and Agreements

Chorus UFB Service Agreements

New Zealand phone and broadband providers access our network to offer innovative products and services to their customers.

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Variation to UFB agreements and offers

Special offers generally do not require you to sign the General Terms but mostly incorporate the General Terms by reference.

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Agreements with Government & Industry

The TSO is the regulatory mechanism by which universal service obligations for residential, local access and calling services are imposed and administered.

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Notice of launch of new UBA Variants

In accordance with clause 10 of the UBA Standard Terms Determination General Terms, Chorus has given notice to the Commission and Service Providers of its intention to launch two New UBA Variants, by way of commercial UBA services.

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RBI Contracts

The government has contracted Chorus to deliver part of the Rural Broadband Initative to improve broadband in rural areas. A key part of Chorus' role is to deliver fibre to rural schools and medical facilities.

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Suppliers to Chorus

Information that might be useful to create an account for Chorus New Zealand Limited (Chorus) in your system and terms of purchase

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Variations to UFB Reference Offer

Under the Chorus Limited Deed of Open Access Undertakings for Fibre Services, Chorus is obliged to publicly disclose any instances where it has agreed to vary, or add to, the terms of the Reference Offer with a customer.

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UFB Contract with CIP

These documents are the contractual arrangements between Chorus and CIP for the delivery of UFB.

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