Variations to UFB Reference Offer

Under the Chorus Limited Deed of Open Access Undertakings for Fibre Services, Chorus is obliged to publicly disclose any instances where it has agreed to vary, or add to, the terms of the Reference Offer with a customer.  This page provides a brief summary of the variations to the Chorus UFB Service Agreements Offer in relation to specific customers and provides a link to the relevant underlying documentation.

Side letter relating to Security

On 14 October 2013 Chorus executed a variation with Vodafone to waive the security requirements under clause 8 of the general terms in lieu of the introduction of agreed debt vs EBITDA ratio restrictions.  

Backhaul Side letter

On 28th August 2013 Chorus executed a variation that varies a number of provisions under the Reference Offer relating to, amongst other things, service levels, liability and insurance requirements with regard to provision of a Backhaul Network.

WSA Variation letter

On 1 May 2013 Chorus executed a variation with Network Tasman Limited to amend the liability provisions under clause 17.3 of the general terms.