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New Zealand phone and broadband providers access our network to offer innovative products and services to their customers.

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Congestion Free

We are the first New Zealand organisation that we know of to formalise a commitment to make sure the capacity of our network exceeds demand now and into the future. We agreed with the Commerce Commission and Crown Infrastructure Partners that data traffic through our core network supporting copper and fibre broadband at any one time must not exceed more than 95% of network capacity.

That means that even as New Zealand’s data usage continues to grow, our network will always have at least five percent more than it needs, so we can continue to deliver the same reliable connection no matter what time of the day Kiwis are online. With traffic currently less than 70% of the capacity available there is plenty of room for growth.


Fibre is the best broadband available on our network, delivering the fastest speeds. A dedicated and consistently reliable connection means everyone can do what they want, when they want, without interruption. We are rolling out fibre broadband across the country that will benefit generations to come. By December 2022 New Zealand's fibre footprint will extend to nearly 90 per cent of the population.

Fibre optic cables enable super-fast connectivity by transmitting data as pulses of light down incredibly clear strands of glass. This is a step change in technology from the previous copper wires that carried data as electrical current so fibre delivers much faster speeds than what's possible on copper.

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Even though a lot of people have upgraded to fibre, we still have more than a million broadband connections on our copper network. And while we’re busy installing a new fibre network, we’re not disregarding the copper network. Every year we invest tens of millions of dollars to maintain and provide better broadband over our copper network. As fewer and fewer people use the copper network we may eventually make the decision to switch it off, but that will be years from now, there will be plenty of notice and we will not leave anyone without an alternative.

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Rural Broadband 

We are committed to improving rural connectivity so all New Zealand communities can experience better quality broadband. We recently upgraded 125 cabinets across rural New Zealand and have added 54,500 rural premises to our fibre rollout. The good thing about the cabinet upgrades is they are all now fibre-fed cabinets which means households and businesses are connected to a congestion-free network. The UFB rollout will see over 200 rural towns get access to fibre broadband.

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Who we are

We take pride in building and managing one of the world's best open access internet networks.

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What we do

We build and maintain the country’s fixed telecommunications network, so Kiwis can connect to better broadband.

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Contracts and Agreements

Chorus service agreements, contracts, and offers

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