Network build update

We continue to make ongoing improvements and upgrades to our network through the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) programme and Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). We operate an open access network and work with many different phone and broadband providers who want information on our fibre rollout and cabinet upgrades.

If you want information on when fibre's coming to your street or what broadband services are currently available use our Broadband checker which has been built based on the technical information below.

UFB rollout 

If you want information on when UFB is coming to your street, visit our Broadband Capability Map The map indicates whether or not you're in our UFB rollout area.

If you're a Chorus customer and need more information but don't have access to our secure customer site, please email us.

RBI rollout 

The RBI rollout focuses on delivering fibre to priority entities such as schools and medial facilities. Based around the rollout of fibre to these, we're installing cabinets in rural areas which will provide a DSL-based service.



Our plans for cabinetisation are detailed in the below documents as required by the UCLL and UCLL Co-location Standard Terms Determinations. 

This includes the most recent Cabinetisation Forecast and Cabinetisation Notice provided under clause 38.9-38.15 of the General Terms of the Determinations.

Please note this document includes cabinets equipped with either ADSL or ADSL2+ capable equipment (see column J for clarification). The dates listed for cabinetisation and cessation of supply do not necessarily indicate the actual date when customers will benefit from cabinet upgrades. This may be up to 90 days after the date listed.

Exchange and Cabinet Boundary Shapefiles 

Distribution cabinet 

A distribution cabinet is equipped with power and other support services which, when installed in the cabinet and/or associated pedestal, DSL services are able to be provided to one or more end users.

We provide regular updates regarding distribution cabinets under the Standard Terms Determination for Sub Loop Unbundling and a forecast of distribution cabinets likely to be commissioned within the next 12 months.

Please note the distribution cabinet information provided reflects our current records. We'll update the information to correct any errors as they're identified. Service providers are responsible for ensuring they use the most recent information available, which will be the version accessible from this webpage.