Our values

Our values were designed by Chorus people. They’re the fundamentals of who we are and how we aspire to work together and with our stakeholders.

Diversity & inclusiveness

We believe diversity and inclusion is essential to help make Chorus the best place our people have ever worked. Our Belonging Strategy aims to build an inclusive culture which strengthens our collective capability, allowing us to attract, identify and retain diverse talent, while leveraging the diversity of our people. We have five key pillars for our work in diversity and inclusion: flexible and adaptable workforce; gender equity; cultural diversity; wellbeing, and; inclusive culture.

We believe that diverse experiences, working and leadership styles, interests, beliefs and perspectives are essential to organisational and individual success. The following engagement survey results show how Chorus employees feel diversity is valued, results we’re incredibly proud to share.


Rainbow Tick – Chorus received the Rainbow Tick in 2019, a programme which is about ensuring organisations are safe and welcoming for all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  Vanessa Oakley, Chorus’ general manager for strategy and business operations has championed the Chorus Rainbow Network which consists of over 30 staff members and has allies at every level of the organisation.  “We are delighted to have been awarded the Rainbow Tick and couldn’t have done it without the commitment and dedication of our people who truly believe in the importance of being able to bring their true selves to work,” she says.


Rainbow Excellence Awards – Being selected as finalists in the New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards was further recognition of our work to build an inclusive culture for our rainbow community. We were honoured to be awarded the 2019 Partner’s Life Emerging Award for organisations early in the journey of support for the rainbow community.

Gender Tick – Chorus has been on a journey to create an environment where everyone has equal opportunities and equal pay. From building a strong people focus in our corporate strategy and a culture where everyone feels they belong, to making sure we have the right policies, governance and focus on equality.  Chorus is proud to be the first Telco to receive the YWCA Gender Tick, an accreditation for businesses that show commitment to providing a fair workplace for all employees regardless of gender.


Equal Pay Awards – Chorus proudly won the Supreme Award as well as the Leadership and Progressive accolades at the 2019 Equal Pay Awards hosted by YWCA. “Chorus has worked hard to build a strong people focus, and a culture where everyone feels they belong. In order to achieve this, the company has had to implement the right policies and place a strong focus on equality and inclusion,” says Chorus’ General Manager for People and Culture, Shaun Philp.

Diversity Works Members – we’re proud members of Aotearoa’s national body for workplace diversity and inclusion.


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