Regulation for Fibre Fixed Line Access Services (FFLAS)

From 1 January 2022, price-quality and information disclosure regulations have applied to providers of fibre fixed line access services that are regulated under Part 6 of the Telecommunications Act 2001. Price-quality regulation aims to ensure our fibre services are fairly priced and at the quality that consumers demand.

Price-quality regulation will apply to certain fibre services provided by Chorus.

Information disclosure will apply to all providers of fibre services regulated under Part 6.

Regulatory Period 1 Proposal

In December 2020 we submitted our first price-quality proposal for Regulatory Period 1 to the Commerce Commission. ​

This proposal sets out our plans for the three years from 1 January 2022, known as Price Quality Period 1 (PQP1). Our proposal relates to fibre fixed line access services (FFLAS) regulated by the Commerce Commission. It reflects feedback from our consultation as well as feedback gathered through product and other customer engagement. You can explore our PQP1 proposal below.​

The Commerce Commission determined our price-quality path for PQP1 in response to our proposal in December 2021. You can read the decision on the Commerce Commission's website (PDF).

We plan continued investment to:


Complete UFB build and connect consumers to fibre
Meet the evolving needs of consumers and retailers, including maintaining quality of service while meeting strong demand for higher speed services and growth in data use
Evolve our business as we shift from UFB build to optimising our fibre network and services.

Our fibre plans

Describes our business, how we are governed, engage stakeholders, forecast customer demand, and deliver our work programmes. It also proposes quality standards and summarises proposed expenditure.

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Our fibre assets

Describes how we plan to manage and invest in our network and other assets to provide the services fibre customers want.

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Chorus glossary

Explains the terms we use in our price-quality proposal.

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Price-quality and information disclosures

Price-quality regulation aims to ensure that regulated companies have incentives to innovate and invest and seek efficiencies. It also seeks to ensure that prices are fair, and we are providing consumers with services at the quality they want.

In addition, we (and other regulated fibre companies) are required to disclose information to help stakeholders understand how their local fibre company is performing individually and when compared to others, and to track changes over time.

Price-quality disclosures

Reports and statements detailing forecast pricing and actual performance against the price-quality path.

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Information disclosures

Contains reporting required under information disclosure regulation.

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Shaping our Future Fibre plans

Chorus owns and operates NZ’s largest fibre network – providing important infrastructure to the backbone of NZ’s connectivity needs. In 2022 we will complete our part of the UFB network build. At that point 87% of New Zealanders will have access to fibre broadband.

Adoption of fibre services has been strong and we will continue to make connecting to fibre as simple as possible.

We are increasingly focused on how best to manage and optimise our fibre network to provide the best possible services to as much of NZ as possible. To do that we want to work with stakeholders to understand what really matters to you and how you can help us deliver on our vision to "make New Zealand better."

Your feedback will help shape our priorities and investment plans now and in future price quality periods. Here's how we plan to engage and how you can contribute:

  • Through 2022 we plan to engage with stakeholders to understand what matters to you and to start testing emerging plans for the period 2025-2030
  • In early 2023, we plan to engage stakeholders before we finalise and submit quality and expenditure proposals to our regulator, the Commerce Commission
  • We may also consult on one off investments called ‘individual capex’ projects outside of the main price-quality process

Our engagement plans are shaped by stakeholder feedback on ‘how we should engage’ from our November 2021 consultation.

What’s happening and when?

Price-quality proposals

Price-quality proposals

Consultation materials relating to the current (2022-2024) and next price quality period.

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Individual capex proposals

Individual capex proposals

When new urgent projects arise or where a programme of work would benefit from more review, Chorus can make an Individual Capex Proposal.

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