A world of opportunity

We continue to expand our network and improve our performance to help New Zealand grow. We are shaping a future where all Kiwis are free to access the opportunities to define their own lives.

No matter who or where you are, the opportunities just keep getting bigger as our internet infrastructure grows. If you want to, you can start a multi-billion dollar software company from the Hawke's Bay, or connect to great educational tools that give your children chances to learn. You can even be transported in a millisecond to London, New York, or Shanghai through video-conferencing.

Globally, New Zealand broadband speeds are competitive and our access and usage is growing. When our fibre build programme is complete, it's predicted New Zealand will rank in the top 10 OECD countries when it comes to the proportion of homes able to connect to fibre broadband.

The Chorus story

In different guises we've been guardians of New Zealand's telecommunications network from the beginning.

It started with the first ‘talking telegraph’ trial in 1887 which led to the formation of the New Zealand Post Telegraph Department in 1881. What followed was 130 years of communications evolution; telephones in nearly every home, the privatisation of the network and the birth of Telecom in 1987, as well as the arrival of the internet and mobile phone technology.

Now optical fibre ushers in a new era. Chorus was formed in March 2008 as a Telecom business unit operating at arm’s length from the rest of the organisation, to give all service providers access to the local fixed line network. In December 2011, Chorus reached a major milestone, formally becoming a separate entity and listing on the New Zealand stock exchange.

Chorus is proud to be New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company. We maintain and build a network predominantly made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets, and copper and fibre cables. Today Chorus continues its long heritage of building and looking after the country’s fixed line telecommunications network for both present and future generations.


Our team

jb1 JB Rousselot CEO
David Collins Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Carroll GM Customer Network Operations
Shaun Philp Chief People Officer
elaine2 Elaine Campbell Chief Corporate Officer and General Counsel
Ed Hyde - Chorus Chief Customer Officer Ed Hyde Chief Customer Officer
Ewen Powell Chief Technology Officer

What we do

We build and manage an open access internet network, rolling out ultra-fast broadband that will benefit generations to come.

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Our network

New Zealand phone and broadband providers access our network to offer innovative products and services to their customers.

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